Toyota 8" V6 29 Spline Ring and Pinion SILVERBACK

by LowRange
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High performance Silverback Ring & Pinion gear set for Toyota V6  29 Spline

Silverback Gears are the highest quality ring and pinions available for Toyota and Suzuki Vehicles.  These are made from heat treated 8620 Alloy on USA Gleason Machines. Gleason is the widest known hypoid gear cutting machines on the planet.  Low Range Off Road will not settle for cheap gears. These ring and pinions are known for their quiet running and high strength. They have been beaten, tested and proven on the road daily and off road in the toughest trails across the world.  They are consistent in set-up and have the most consistent wear patterns out of any aftermarket Toyota gear available.  We don't want to be stranded off road using an inferior ring and pinion, why should you? Models w/ factory 3.07 & 4.88's have a different offset and will need a new dropout when changing ratio.


 The spline on the Pinion for the flange is 29 Spline, if you have a 27 spline flange you will also need to purchase a 29 Spline Flange with Nut and Seal