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by Redwinch
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This motor has been developed and designed for the needs and wants of people into serious off-roading.
Under real world testing it has proven to be an exceptionally powerful motor, staying fast and strong for longer.

Some of the build features:

  • Twin bearing setup (Front and Back)
  • Heavy duty brush pack, for those that want to over-volt
  • Dedicated mounting holes on the rear of the motor end plate for your motor solenoid
  • Flat rear cover, allowing mounting of the motor solenoid easier
  • High quality, robust commutator and brush setup

The motor also benefits from a unique RED Winch designed quick release mechanism.
Allowing the motor to be changed quickly in the field should in the unlikely event you have a motor you need to change.

The motor can be swapped in 20-30secs easily, with no need to remove the motor solenoid or bus bars on top of the motor. Saving crucial time when competing.


The OX motor will be fitted to all RED Winch products, apart from the Atom winch.

The OX Motor can fit winches that have traditional motors already fitted, like the XP or BOW2, but some minor modifications might be needed due to the increased body diameter

It should fit nearly all current competition winches.

It will fit onto your winch using either M6 location bosses or 1/4 UNC (both supplied with kit)

Voltage: 12v
Power: 6.5hp
Torque:  16Nm
No Load Speed: 11,800rpm
Max Amp Draw: 438A

Marlow's Dynaline MAX is made with high strength, light weight UHMPE (Dyneema) fibre and is designed to replace steel wire winch ropes on armoured vehicles, 4x4's and recovery vehicles. Dynaline MAX has the same benefits as standard Dynaline, the super prestretching process allows us to manufacture a stronger rope of the same diameter, provoding for greater factors of safety or higher working loads.  The same quicker and safer deployment and recovery appllies and as with Dynaline it can be over lapped on the drum, does not suffer from wire splinters and virtually eliminates dangerous recoil.

Colour is GREEN


Diameter (mm) 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 17
Weight (Kg/100m) 1.56 2.23 3.56 4.45 5.4 6.3 7.55 9 10.7 13.4 18.4
Av. Breakload (Kg) 3200 4570 7510 9390 10800 12600 15100 18000 21100 26400 32900
Min. Breakload (Kg) 2,980 4,250 6,980 8,730 10,000 11,700 14,100 16,700 19,700 24,600 30,600

The Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope (KERR) was designed and developed by Marlow and British forces to provide fast and effective recovery of armoured vehicles through the transfer of kinetic energy from the towing vehicle to the trapped vehicle. It allows quick and easy deployment for rapid recovery without the need for specialist vehicles.  Manufactured using the highest quality UV stabilised high tenacity nylon yarn for maximum energy transfer, K.E.R.R.'s are specified based upon gross vehicle weight and come with a factory spliced 450mm protected soft eye each end.


Diameter (mm) 24
Weight (Kg) 4.26
Min. Breakload (Kg) 12,030
Colour White
Lengths (m) 8
Gross vehicle weight upto 3 tonnes