Solid one piece design. Features FJ80 tapered hole. One piece, forged design. Extra strong, wide design. Ideal for use with crossover steering. Flat arm, no drop.

These are usually used in buggies, or Suzuki Samurai's on FJ60 Steering Box's. Most people when doing standard high steer on a Toyota use the "stock drop" pitman arm.

Fits Toyota 4wd Steering Box's

Solid one piece design, which makes this pitman arm incredibly strong! Features FJ80 tapered hole. One piece, forged design. Extra beefy, wide design close to tie rod end hole. Ideal for use with crossover steering. Same drop as factory pitman arm. Why would you need this? IFS Steering box's have a tie rod incorporated into the pitman arm. In order to replace the tie rod end, you have to replace the pitman arm. For ultimate strength and longevity, high steer systems use an FJ80 tie rod end in the drag link, and have a tapered hole for the FJ80 end to go into such as in this pitman arm. We choose to do it this way rather than have an adapter to go to the factory pitman arm because most likely if you are using a used steering box, the pitman arm is worn out.

After years of development and testing, these knuckles and steering arms have set a new standard in Toyota knuckle strength and reliability. The Fully Loaded Six Shooter Kit totally eliminates the problem of broken steering knuckles and studs. The addition of two studs in each arm effectively prevents the steering arm from becoming loose or shearing off the studs under extreme loads. The knuckle housing was designed with thicker than stock material and larger gussets have been added around the outside of the knuckle for extra strength. Precision CNC machined, each set of knuckles and steering arms are inspected and tested for the highest quality of products that Trail-Gear can deliver.

Included in The Hilux/Pickup/4Runner Fully Loaded Six Shooter Kit is a special 6 hole shim pack for use between the top of the knuckle and the steering arm. Also included is a 1/2" coarse thread bolt to help remove the steering arms for knuckle service. To remove the steering arms, remove all 6 nuts, then install the bolt in the top of the arm. As the bolt is tightened, the steering arm is pulled up off the knuckle. Stock lower bearing plates and shims from your old knuckles are needed for knuckle assembly. A minimum of four additional steering arm studs are needed for installation. We think the Fully Loaded Six Shooter Kit is so bullet proof that we have given it our world famous no questions asked lifetime warranty.


Can also use on 40 and 60 Series Landcruiser

Toyota IFS Steering Box Mount

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If you're installing crossover steering on your 79-85 4wd Toyota you're going to need to mount an IFS steering box. This frame mount kit includes both inner and outer frame reinforcing plates, grade 8 bolts, DOM tubing, and Crimp nuts. Inner plate is 1/4, outer plate is 3/16". Angled leading and trailing edges prevent frame cracking. Heavy duty design. This kit makes swapping to the IFS box much easier.

Toyota High Steer Arms, 4 Stud, Right Hand Drive

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These are the original forged high steer arms for Toyota Pickups and 4Runners. Each arm is pressure forged from 8620 tool steel which makes these arms incredibly strong. All mounting surfaces are machined including the split washer surface and the tie rod tapered holes, ensuring correct and positive contact between parts, preventing knuckle studs and tie rod ends from coming loose. Arms are angle compensated so that the rod ends ride at the factory designed 90 degree angle. Fits 79-85 Toyota pickup and 4Runners. Also fits 79 and later Land Cruisers with spring over conversion.