10" Long Spline Drive Shaft Kit w/ Creeper Joint

by Trail Gear
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We are pleased to announce the release of Trail-Gear’s new and improved heavy duty drive line. The heavy duty driveline splines are 42% larger than the old design and the spline section is nylon-coated to prolong many years of use on the trail.

Each kit comes with a Heavy Duty U-joint installed. Full circle retaining rings are installed to securely hold the u-joint in place.

This product is a heavy duty replacement part and is not recommended for use on the street.

When installing a lift and crossover steering you need a long spline drive shaft, especially in the front. A flexy front suspension system requires more slip spline then the stock shaft is able to provide. The result with a stock drive spline is the drive shaft comes apart on the trail. This long spline kit is designed to replace the stock slip section.

To install this kit the stock slip section and tubing is cut off and then section along with new tubing is welded in place. Tubing is not included but will be available separately at a later time.

With other kits on the market why purchase ours? These drive shaft kits are specially heat treated and hardened to prevent bending. 

Units are precision machined and DO NOT have welded in u-joint caps like previously before.

This product is a heavy duty replacement part and is not recommended for applications requiring a balanced driveshaft. Not recommended for use on the street or speeds over 50mph. 

Features popular 60mm x 60mm bolt pattern found on '83-'85 Solid Axle Pickups and 4Runners. Use in the rear of '01 and newer models with triple drilled 29 spline flange from Nitro Gear.  

Finally a Toyota T case mount that can handle the abuse of rock crawling with the ultra low torque of dual cases is here. The TGHD T Case mount kit will totally eliminate any worries of a broken T case mount on the trail, or on the comp site. We are so confident in this product that it is offered with a world famous Lifetime No Questions Ask Warranty.

 The TGHD T case mount is stamped out of 1/4” thick steel plate, and then welded on a jig to ensure the best fit possible.

 These T case mount kits are coated with clear zinc (silver color) for a trick finish that will last a lifetime.

 The bushings are polyurethane for long lasting performance and durability.

 Can be used as a stock replacement on 4cyl T cases for applications from 1982-1995, or with our dual case cross-member and other popular dual case cross-members on all 1979-1995 applications. Note: This product may cause more vibration at high speed driving than with the OEM rubber mounts.

Dual Transfer Case Adapter 21 and 23  Spline

Dual Transfer Case Adapter 21 and 23 Spline

by Trail Creeper

Dual your transfer cases for ultimate gear selection. Low Range Off-Road now offers a dual transfer case kit for Toyota Pickup and 4Runner applications. You won't find a better, more reliable product anywhere, at any price. We have greatly increased the oiling flow in and around the adapter for cooler operation. We have increased the strength of the casting by making thicker walls and creating huge over-sized gussets. A special retainer ring securely stabilizes the main bearing to prevent bearing play. Tight tolerances on the coupler ensure long life and prevent striped out input gears.

Installation requires an additional top shifting Toyota gear-driven transfer case, drive shaft modifications, and floorboard modifications. Assembled dual adapter unit is 6.5" long. In stock and ready to ship.

Kit Includes: Heavy Duty Aluminum Adapter Plate, Heavy Duty Coupler, Cage & Main Bearings installed, Replacement Transmission Output Seal, Magnetic Drain Plug, Shift Knob, and Mounting Hardware

Bomb Proof Motor Mounts Sold out

Bomb Proof Motor Mounts

by Trail Gear
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Anyone who has dual cases with 4.70 gears in their Toyota rock crawler has at one time or another broken an OEM rubber motor mount and heard the awful sound of their fan blades hitting their radiator. We have an answer for that problem, we call it the Bomb Proof Motor Mount Kit. We feel so confident about this product that we back it up with a world famous No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty.


The base of the motor mount (frame side) is made out of 1/4 inch plate, while the surface plate that the motor sits on is made out of 3/8 inch material and has a class 10.9 bolt that is mechanically locked to the engine mount plate, not just threaded in. The bushings out of a high grade polyurethane for durability and years of dependability. The finish is a clear zinc plating that looks sharp and will last a lifetime. The mount holes are slotted so that the Bomb Proof Motor Mount Kit is easy to install and can be used on 3.5 inch and 3.75 inch applications. You dont even have to measure to figure out what motor you have; the Bomb Proof Motor Mount Kit just works. Note: This product may cause more vibration than the OEM rubber mounts. This is the trade-off we make when going to stronger components.


 1979-1995 Pickup and 4Runner 4 Cylinder 22R, 22RE, 21R, 20R, 18R, 3.0L 3VZE V6, 2.7 3RZFE 4CYL, and 3.4L 5VZFE V6.

Toyota Creeper Joint Drive Shaft U-Joints

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The Heavy Duty Creeper JointTM has been tested to 4,700 ft-lbs of torque in Trail- Gear’s very own axle testing machine. These U-joints fit most 1979-1995 4wd applications. Includes four install clips and and Zerk grease fitting (not shown in photo). These u-joints have been trail tested and have been proven to provide excellent strength at a reasonable price. Just as a comparison, the stock joints fail at 3,700 ft-lbs of torque. We find that keeping a spare is at least a good backup when out on the trail.