Great quality brake lines at low cost! These coated steel braided brake lines are 26" long and are DOT approved. They are made for the Toyota but work great when doing axle swaps.

Toyota Brake Line Kit (2 Front 1 Rear) 26" Long Extended-TB-LK3 (140011-1-KIT)

Toyota Brake Line Individual Rear (Female-Male)-TB-LR (140334-1-KIT)

Toyota Hilux Transfer-case E-Brake

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Need an E-brake? Have bad cables, or a disk brake conversion? We have the answer with our simple and affordable Toyota T-case E-Brake Kit. It can be installed in under 1 hour and is fully bolt on. You do have to remove the t-case output flange in order to clearance the dust seal cover.

The E-brake kit reuses your stock e-brake cable up to the frame mounted e-brake arm located in front of your fuel tank. The t-case e-brake is constructed of laser cut and tig welded CNC formed 1/4 plate steel. Includes all parts you will need for installation, comes with instructions.

Fits all 4 cyl. Manual Toyota t-case's. Bracket’s are designed with a skid plate below the caliper and the ends are formed and tig welded to the main plate. The box style mount helps ensure no flexing of the t-case and caliper mount. This helps eliminate wear on the pads as well as possible stress on the t case itself. May not fit with all aftermarket t-case crossmembers.

Please note: 79-83 will require swapping to large 10mm bolt pattern flanges.  Due to many variations in Skid plates, transfer case combination,motor and trans mounts, fuel lines closest to rotor of t case e-brake may need to be relocated to clear. This is very common on 4 runners where the body is lower for rear passenger foot well. Depending on how much t case skid plate lifts the transfer case, trimming and boxing of floorboard may be required.


Installation of the t case e-brake requires you remove the t case output flange and remove the dust cover to fit rotor to back side of flange.

After removing flange and dust cover install rotor to back side of flange. We use the stock drive shaft bolts to position the rotor, the rotor is tapped for 2 patterns, determine the correct pattern for your drive shaft.


Next remove 4 bolts on the back transfer case cover, these are the bottom 2 and 2 above them. There is also a 5th bolt to remove on the far outside edge of the case, use the caliper mount to determine which one if unsure. This bolt will use the included spacer. Install t case flange with rotor, then slide caliper mount and caliper up to the rotor and install new longer bolts, flat washers and lock washer. Install jam nuts to all thread, then install yoke ends to all thread. Install arm to caliper mount, position of the arm will need to be determined by the installer as to which direction the arm will point and which holes to use. You may flip the arm and use the 3 adjustable yoke holes or use the standard single hole to install on the mount. Install 2.5 x 3/8ths bolt, flat washers and locknut. It is not necessary to tighten the lock nut completely, the arm should move freely but not be loose. Install the adjustable yoke ends with all thread and jam nuts. One end will use the spring to hold the pin, the other side will use the cotter pin. The shoulder bolt will fit through the stock e brake cable eye on the end of the e-brake arm. Note: 79-83 style cable will require a loop installed with wire crimp. Final adjustment may be needed and is the responsibility of the final installer.

Toyota V6 Master Cylinder, 1" Bore Pickup, Hilux

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While most V6 trucks came with 1" master cylinders, 1979-1995 4 cylinder Toyota Pickups and 4Runners got left with a 7/8" cylinder.

TB-MC-HILUX   Stock Cylinder Found on V6 Equipped Pickups

V6 Master Cylinders are a direct replacement for your 4CYL variant. With larger drums, or with larger calipers, you may be finding that the pedal wants to go all the way to the floor.   

This master cylinder may need slight readjustment of the brake lines.  It is good to note that the front hole is for the front brakes and the hole closest to the booster is for the rear brakes.

1986 and later Hilux pickup trucks and 4Runner feature larger vented rotors from the factory. Earlier 1979-1985 trucks used solid (non vented) rotors up front along with smaller calipers. If your installing a solid front axle on an 86 and later rig you will want to install a set of these vented rotors onto the axle. With these rotors you will be able use your existing larger IFS calipers. Simply unbolt your existing rotors and replace them with these vented rotors. Slight grinding of the rotors backing plate will be needed. Then simply install the IFS calipers right on to the solid axle using the factory bolts. These rotors can also be used on 85 and older trucks to increase braking effectiveness. Fits 81-85 Solid axles with 8 hole style rotors.

Price is per rotor. You will need 2 to do one axle.