Toyota Pinion Flange Fit Kit Use When Upgrading to 29 Spline Pinion by Nitro (YOKTOYFITKIT-29) OR Trail Gear  (304110-1-KIT)

Replaces Toyota OE Part number 41204-35100 & 41204-35110.

NITRO Required to fit Nitro 29 Spline 8” or 9.5” Ring & Pinions to 2002 & older vehicles.In 2002, Toyota started using 29 Spline pinion & flange on the 8” & 9.5” differentials. Following Toyota's lead for an upgrade, Nitro Gear & Axle has been upgrading much of their line of Ring & Pinions for Toyota to 29 Spline. This means, if you are fitting the newer 29 Spline Ring & pinion to a 2002 or Older diff, you will need this flange.

Differential: Toyota 8" & 9.5"
Pinion Spline Count: 29
Bolt Patterns: 60mm x 60mm, 66mm x 66mm
Seal Surface: 1.615"/41mm
Kit Includes:
  • Dual Drilled Pinion Flange
  • Pinion Nut
  • Pinion Seal

TRAIL GEAR  The 29-spline Differential Hardware kit contains all the 29-spline hardware needed to use 29-spline Ring & Pinon gears in your Toyota differential.  This kit includes our forged chromoly 29-spline Quadruple-drilled flange with preinstalled dust shield, 29-spline Trail-Safe Pinion Seal, and 29-spline pinion nut.  Fits 8” Toyota differentials with 29-spline pinion gears (Ring & Pinion gears sold separately). 

Included bolt patterns:  66mm x 66mm x 11mm, 60mm x 60mm x 10mm, 60mm x 68.3mm x 10mm, & 61.5mm x 70mm x 10mm.


Nitro Ring & pinions are made from the highest quality forgings using state-of-the-art CNC machining processes. Strict tolerences ensure precision fitment and hassle free installation. Computer controlled lapping processes result in an excellent contact pattern and a quiet running setup that will last.

Will Fit the Following Models:

  • 1969-1983 FJ40 front or rear
  • FJ45 front or rear
  • 1968-1979 FJ55 front or rear
  • 1981-1987 FJ60 front or rear
  • HJ60 front or rear
  • 1988-1990 FJ62 front or rear
  • BJ70 Leaf Srung Only (not coil sprung)
  • 1990-1992 Landcruiser FJ80 Rear
  • 1993-1997 Landcruiser FZJ80 Rear
  • 1990-1997 Landcruiser HDJ80 Rear
  • 1990-1997 Landcruiser HZJ80 Rear

Includes 1 Ring and Pinion Gear Set for one differential.


This is a replacement pinion seal.  This is a much better seal than the seals you find at your local parts store because usually they don't have the special dust shield lip.  These are really no different than a heavy duty seal other than they do not have an indexing lip for installation.  We usually coat the outside of these seals with a little RTV and then press them in.


-Special Lip for dust sealing- Just Like OEM.

There are sizes    29 Spline   and 27 Spline

These Toyota Differential Setup Installation Bearing Kits include what you need to make your gear setup a breeze. Kit includes high quality bearings from manufacturers such as Koyo and Timken, crush sleeve, gear marking paint & brush, shims, and pinion seal.

8"  V6 and High Pinion

8"  4 Cylinder

9.5" Landcruiser

Low Range Off Road is proud to give you options when it comes to drive line flanges. This one in particular is one of the only flanges that will work with early 1979-1983 small 8mm bolt pattern drive shafts. This fits the pinion side only and will fit stock ring and pinions and aftermarket ring and pinions with 27 splines.

Patterns Available:

56mm X 64mm Early 1979-1983 Toyota Hilux Pickup U-Joint (NON CV)
60mm X 60mm Late 1984-1995 Toyota Pickup and 4Runner U-Joint (NON CV)
66mm X 66mm 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma, 1996-2002 4Runner, Toyota Tundra 2WD UJoint (NON CV) only with 27 spline.

Toyota Pinion Flange Nut

Toyota Pinion Flange Nut

by LowRange

There are 2 sizes of pinion flange nuts, 27 spline and the larger 29 spline

If you have a 2001 and Older Toyota Pickup then most likely your pinion flange is going to be 27 Spline unless it has been upgraded.   The easiest way to verify this is to count the splines on the pinion gear. If you want to run the new 29 Spline Ring and Pinions, you will need a new 29 Spline Pinion Flange, Seal and Nut. This is just the NUT, seal and flange are available elsewhere.

Differential: Toyota 8" & 9.5"