FJ80 Knuckle Kit Hellfire Fabworks

by RuffStuff
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The HellFire Knuckles are a specially made high-pressure casting. They endure several hours of a highly difficult machine process.  The original designer Billy Weiss was determined to build everything better than factory.

He addressed the high steer issue by incorporating true high steer arms with 6 bolt retention and shimless adjustment. He reinforced the knuckle in just about every way. Then he took what we've learned from the mini truck knuckles over the ages--that the Toyota steering arm mounting bolts are too close together and undersized, causing the steering arm bolts to constantly require tightening and the studs to break.

To remedy this common issue, Billy created a 6 stud mounting with sufficient space between the studs to lessen the leverage which caused loosening and breakage. Billy took this project 90% there, then we did the fine tuning to make it what it is today. We took this one step further by using more common, less expensive, and stronger Dana 60 studs. The outer four studs are Dana 60 (Grade 10.9) and the inner two are 1/2" Allen head bolts (Grade 14). The tie rod and drag link holes are tapered for FJ80 tie rod ends (TRE) but can be reamed to accept GM 1 Ton TRE's or Heim Steering. Each arm comes double tapered for left-hand and right-hand drive applications. Another great feature he added was eliminating the use of shims and going to a set screw adjustment to set preload.

These only come with 25mm Trunnion Pins and bearings. Doing this vastly increases strength and load carrying capability. This is standard and not something we charge extra to upgrade. A new lower Trunnion cap is included and the bolt holes are counterbored to protect the bolt heads against any damage. We took a great product and made it even better.