Toyota Hilux Vented Rotor For Use With IFS Calipers (140332-1-KIT)

by Trail Gear

1986 and later Hilux pickup trucks and 4Runner feature larger vented rotors from the factory. Earlier 1979-1985 trucks used solid (non vented) rotors up front along with smaller calipers. If your installing a solid front axle on an 86 and later rig you will want to install a set of these vented rotors onto the axle. With these rotors you will be able use your existing larger IFS calipers. Simply unbolt your existing rotors and replace them with these vented rotors. Slight grinding of the rotors backing plate will be needed. Then simply install the IFS calipers right on to the solid axle using the factory bolts. These rotors can also be used on 85 and older trucks to increase braking effectiveness. Fits 81-85 Solid axles with 8 hole style rotors.

Price is per rotor. You will need 2 to do one axle.