Finally a Toyota T case mount that can handle the abuse of rock crawling with the ultra low torque of dual cases is here. The TGHD T Case mount kit will totally eliminate any worries of a broken T case mount on the trail, or on the comp site. We are so confident in this product that it is offered with a world famous Lifetime No Questions Ask Warranty.

 The TGHD T case mount is stamped out of 1/4” thick steel plate, and then welded on a jig to ensure the best fit possible.

 These T case mount kits are coated with clear zinc (silver color) for a trick finish that will last a lifetime.

 The bushings are polyurethane for long lasting performance and durability.

 Can be used as a stock replacement on 4cyl T cases for applications from 1982-1995, or with our dual case cross-member and other popular dual case cross-members on all 1979-1995 applications. Note: This product may cause more vibration at high speed driving than with the OEM rubber mounts.


LROR's Silverback HD 4140 Chromoly Axles for the Toyota Pickup / 4Runner are like the name implies- Strong!  These are made from high grade heat treated 4140 chromoly steel.   Many axles have their drawbacks by poor design and large stress risers. Not here! These are made for heavy duty usage and for off road ability.  Also highly recommended when installing a Spartan, Lockrite, ARB, Grizzly, Zip, Auburn, Eaton, Aussie or Kaiser Locker.


-Heat Treated 4140 Chromoly.  Why not 4340?  It has been used in the past on Rear Axles and has proven to be weak.  For the fatigue resistance and characteristics of 4140, we chose to manufacture them out of what has proven to be the strongest!  Some large name manufacturers have scaled back to 4140 and had less breakages than with 4340. We could have made them out of whatever we wanted, but these have proven to be the strongest!

-30 Spline Shaft for easy installation into your factory spider gears or into an aftermarket locker.

-Uses factory rear wheel bearings and seals as well as factory axle studs for ease of installation and cost effective installation.

-Black Oxide Coated for Corrosion Resistance.

Sold as a Pair