This is a replacement pinion seal.  This is a much better seal than the seals you find at your local parts store because usually they don't have the special dust shield lip.  These are really no different than a heavy duty seal other than they do not have an indexing lip for installation.  We usually coat the outside of these seals with a little RTV and then press them in.


-Special Lip for dust sealing- Just Like OEM.

There are sizes    29 Spline   and 27 Spline

This is the seal that seals the front wheel bearings in the hubs against the spindle. This is not the inner axle seal. This is a seal that needs to be replaced anytime you remove your wheel bearings.

This is not a cheap seal as found in many knuckle rebuild kits, this is a high quality full steel encased, dual lip replacement.

These are sold individually.

Order qty. 2 for 1 Vehicle.


1979-1995 Toyota Hilux Pickup Solid Axle

1976-1997 Landcruiser ????

Also you need these if you are putting IFS hubs onto a Solid Axle