Toyota Differential Solid Pinion Spacer

Only for Toyota 8" diffs

Solid pinion spacers prevent loosening of the gear setup preload. Originally designed for older Toyota (solid axle) applications, Toyota stopped using them decades ago. Solid spacer and shims replace the crush sleeve. It takes a little longer to set up but you won't have to keep retorque the pinion nut down the road.

There are 2 sizes  

  • 4 Cylinder
  • V6 / High Pinion

 Note: Not designed for IFS vehicles

Toyota Pinion Flange Fit Kit Use When Upgrading to 29 Spline Pinion by Nitro (YOKTOYFITKIT-29)

Replaces Toyota OE Part number 41204-35100 & 41204-35110.

Required to fit Nitro 29 Spline 8” or 9.5” Ring & Pinions to 2002 & older vehicles.

In 2002, Toyota started using 29 Spline pinion & flange on the 8” & 9.5” differentials. Following Toyota's lead for an upgrade, Nitro Gear & Axle has been upgrading much of their line of Ring & Pinions for Toyota to 29 Spline. This means, if you are fitting the newer 29 Spline Ring & pinion to a 2002 or Older diff, you will need this flange.

Differential: Toyota 8" & 9.5"
Pinion Spline Count: 29
Bolt Patterns: 60mm x 60mm, 66mm x 66mm
Seal Surface: 1.615"/41mm
Kit Includes:
  • Dual Drilled Pinion Flange
  • Pinion Nut
  • Pinion Seal
Bilstein Shocks 5125 (v255/70) Shocks

Long travel shocks are an important part of a flexible off road suspension system. Bilstein shocks are world renown for quality and performance.

All shocks sold include sleeves for both top and bottom bolts.

Eye sleeves are 1/2" ID (12.7mm)

Dimensions are eye to eye

8" travel Ext 21.5" (546mm) Col 13.5" (343mm) travel 203mm

Bilstein 10" 5125 (v255/70) Shocks 33-185552 10" travel Ext 25.93" (659mm) Col 15.91" (404mm) travel 255mm

Bilstein 12" 5125 (v255/70) Shocks 33-185569  12" travel Ext 29.7" (754mm) Col 17.91" (455mm) travel 299mm

Bilstein 14" 5125 (v255/70) Shocks 33-185576  14" travel Ext 34.9" (886mm) Col 20.75" (527mm) travel 359mm


Stock Toyota inner axle seals are prone to failure from the beginning. They do a horrible job of sealing inbetween the factory inner axles and the axle housing itself. Why does this matter? The birfields are designed to have higher viscosity lubrication (not gear oil) When gear oil seeps past the factory inner axle seals, you have 2 things happen. 1. The Birfields can wear out quicker and 2. The oil seeps out the front axle housing because the wiper seals are meant to keep in the grease, not oil and keep out crud and debris. These axle seals fix the common problem at a great price.  They are incredibly worth the investment.

29 Spline

Nitro Ring & pinions are made from the highest quality forgings using state-of-the-art CNC machining processes. Strict tolerences ensure precision fitment and hassle free installation. Computer controlled lapping processes result in an excellent contact pattern and a quiet running setup that will last.

Each new application is test fitted by real differential experts and put through stringent review process prior to being released. Nitro is hard at work developing new products that you demand.

When Trail Gear tested the strength of 6 Stud knuckles, they found that running 6 OEM Studs on the 6 Stud knuckles was stronger than running 4 ARP Magnum Studs on a stock 4 stud knuckle.  So, with this information Trail-Gear looked at ways to make it stonger than even running OEM and not the cost of ARP studs. Now, Stronger and longer than stock Toyota replacement knuckle studs and more affordable than our Magnum Studs these studs will provide great strength without breaking the bank. Each stud is constructed from a proprietary metal made exclusively for Trail Gear.  These studs are manufactured to Trail-Gear's strict specifications and are significantly stronger than OEM standard (testing exceeded Class 12.9 standards). Trail Gear super metal knuckle studs are .250” (1/4”) longer than stock to accommodate all aftermarket steering arms. Like our Magnum Studs, TG super metal studs feature an integrated 8mm hex head for easy removal. These studs should be your first choice for knuckle hardware when repairing or upgrading your high-steer system.

We recommend using Locktight on the lower threads when installing knuckle studs. Studs should be tightened to 40 ft-lbs in the knuckles. Stud nuts should be tightened to 75 - 80 ft-lbs.

Fits 1979-1985 Toyota front solid axle knuckle.

NOTE: This is enough hardware to complete one six shooter knuckle. Purchase 2 kits for both knuckles.

Kit consist of the following:

  • Knuckle cone washers (QTY: 6)
  • Knuckle wave washers (QTY: 10)
  • Knuckle nuts (QTY: 10)
  • TG Super Metal knuckle studs (QTY: 10)

Tired of wiping big clumps of dirty sandy grease off of your knuckle balls after every trip? So are we. The engineering department at Trail Gear was asked to look at the problems with the OEM design along with what was currently offered on the market and they came up with a one-piece, high grade polyurethane seal that is durable and will give you a lifetime of dependability. Trail Safe Knuckle Ball Wiper Seals are without a doubt the best in the industry. No other design is comparable in performance and quality.

The Trail Safe Knuckle Ball Wiper Seal is a double sided seal that keeps grease in and dirt out, all while eliminating the use of the OEM felt and rubber. Since it is made from seal-grade polyurethane, not UHMW, the seal is pliable enough to stretch over the knuckle ball during installation. This eliminates the need to cut the seal for installation which allows water to enter the knuckle ball and for grease to escape. Trail Safe Knuckle Ball Wiper Seals are sold in pairs with the legendary Rock Rings.

One kit will complete one axle. Kit Includes:

  • (2) Trail Safe Knuckle Ball Seal Wipers
  • (1) Rock Ring Kit
  • (16) Rock Ring Bolts
  • (16) M6 Lock Washers

After years of development and testing, these knuckles and steering arms have set a new standard in Toyota knuckle strength and reliability. The Fully Loaded Six Shooter Kit totally eliminates the problem of broken steering knuckles and studs. The addition of two studs in each arm effectively prevents the steering arm from becoming loose or shearing off the studs under extreme loads. The knuckle housing was designed with thicker than stock material and larger gussets have been added around the outside of the knuckle for extra strength. Precision CNC machined, each set of knuckles and steering arms are inspected and tested for the highest quality of products that Trail-Gear can deliver.

Included in The Hilux/Pickup/4Runner Fully Loaded Six Shooter Kit is a special 6 hole shim pack for use between the top of the knuckle and the steering arm. Also included is a 1/2" coarse thread bolt to help remove the steering arms for knuckle service. To remove the steering arms, remove all 6 nuts, then install the bolt in the top of the arm. As the bolt is tightened, the steering arm is pulled up off the knuckle. Stock lower bearing plates and shims from your old knuckles are needed for knuckle assembly. A minimum of four additional steering arm studs are needed for installation. We think the Fully Loaded Six Shooter Kit is so bullet proof that we have given it our world famous no questions asked lifetime warranty.


Can also use on 40 and 60 Series Landcruiser

These Toyota Differential Setup Installation Bearing Kits include what you need to make your gear setup a breeze. Kit includes high quality bearings from manufacturers such as Koyo and Timken, crush sleeve, gear marking paint & brush, shims, and pinion seal.

8"  V6 and High Pinion

8"  4 Cylinder

9.5" Landcruiser

Toyota 8" V6 29 Spline Ring and Pinion NITRO

High performance Nitro Ring & Pinion gear set for Toyota V6 in a 29 Spline

Nitro Ring & pinions are made from the highest quality forgings using state-of-the-art CNC machining processes. Strict tolerences ensure precision fitment and hassle free installation. Computer controlled lapping processes result in an excellent contact pattern and a quiet running setup that will last.

Each new application is test fitted by real differential experts and put through stringent review process prior to being released. Nitro is hard at work developing new products that you demand.  Models w/ factory 3.07 & 4.88's have a different offset and will need a new dropout when changing ratio.


 The spline on the Pinion for the flange is 29 Spline, if you have a 27 spline flange you will also need to purchase a 29 Spline Flange with Nut and Seal

Great quality brake lines at low cost! These coated steel braided brake lines are 26" long and are DOT approved. They are made for the Toyota but work great when doing axle swaps.

Toyota Brake Line Kit (2 Front 1 Rear) 26" Long Extended-TB-LK3 (140011-1-KIT)

Toyota Brake Line Individual Rear (Female-Male)-TB-LR (140334-1-KIT)

Low Range Off Road is your source for brand new solid axle spindles. New forged units are made to OEM Specs and CNC Machined to high tolerances. These spindles are great when building or rebuilding a Rock Assault Housing, a Diamond Axle,an OEM axle, and Ruffstuff Specialties housings. 

Comes with new Brass Bushing.

Sold individually. 

Note: For Extreme Duty Use, See the OEM Chromoly Replacement Spindle 

Toyota ARP 2000 Hub Stud Kit, for 1 Hub

With 30 spline birfields, six stud knuckles, and chromo hub gears or drive flanges, the next weak link in your front axle is your hub studs. When they fail you will be left without four wheel drive, and often times the hub will be unrepairable. Trail-Gear, in partnership with ARP, have designed the most durable hub stud on the market. These hub studs are made from the strongest material ARP can manufacture for this type of fastener. ARP 2000 material has a tensile strength of 220,000 PSI and the ARP 2000 hub stud is cadmium plated to ensure that it is protected from rust and corrosion for many rough years to come. On the top of the stud we machined a 6mm hex head so that installation and maintenance is easy and no special tools are required. ARP 2000 hub studs are sold in kits of six with all the necessary hardware included.

Kit Includes:

  •  (6) ARP 2000 Hub Studs
  •  (6) Conical Washers
  •  (6) Lock Washers
  •  (6) Nuts


A new, innovative, never before seen product, our Longfield™ Studless Hubs set the bar in quality and performance. The Longfield™ Studless Hub replaces the weaker, prone-to-breaking locking hubs, hub gears, and hub studs by utilizing a stud-less hub design and inner locking puck. Chances are, if you were to break the studs in your hub, the threads would be damaged and the hub would need to be replaced. With the Longfield™ Studless Hubs, you will never again need to worry about your hubs, hub gears, and hub studs breaking on the trail.

The Longfield™ Studless Hub and Inner Locking Puck are both constructed out of chromoly steel for superior strength and quality. The Longfield™ Studless Hubs are stronger than the OEM locking hubs and are designed to handle even higher torque loads than our Creeper Drive Flanges. The Longfield™ Studless Hubs will also include a full set of front wheel bearings to replace your old, worn out bearings.

We are so confident with the quality and strength of our new, innovative Longfield™ Studless Hubs.

 Note: On 1979-1981 Toyota Pickups, you will need the following additional parts:

Note: These will lock your front axle into 4WD. To unlock your front axle, you will need to remove the locking puck.


Economy Double Limit Straps

Economy Double Limit Straps

by LowRange

If you are looking for some limit straps that won't break the bank, these are the ticket. Flexable, easy to install and great for those on a budget. Don't let the name fool you, they will work great for most people with lighter rigs like Suzuki's and Toyota's.

Limits suspension travel for vehicles with Coilovers, Air Shocks and Coils from overextending- causing damage to the shock and or suspension components. 

Industry Standard 1/2" Hole for Mounting, come in sizes from 12-32" as measured from center of hole to center of hole end to end.


-Abrasion Resistant Layer at End for Increased Tear Resistance

-Abrasion Resistant Loop for Increased Tear Resistance.

-Zinc Plated Ends for Corrosion Resistance.

-Double Sewn for High Strength. 


Nitro Ring & pinions are made from the highest quality forgings using state-of-the-art CNC machining processes. Strict tolerences ensure precision fitment and hassle free installation. Computer controlled lapping processes result in an excellent contact pattern and a quiet running setup that will last.

Will Fit the Following Models:

  • 1969-1983 FJ40 front or rear
  • FJ45 front or rear
  • 1968-1979 FJ55 front or rear
  • 1981-1987 FJ60 front or rear
  • HJ60 front or rear
  • 1988-1990 FJ62 front or rear
  • BJ70 Leaf Srung Only (not coil sprung)
  • 1990-1992 Landcruiser FJ80 Rear
  • 1993-1997 Landcruiser FZJ80 Rear
  • 1990-1997 Landcruiser HDJ80 Rear
  • 1990-1997 Landcruiser HZJ80 Rear

Includes 1 Ring and Pinion Gear Set for one differential.


This is a replacement pinion seal.  This is a much better seal than the seals you find at your local parts store because usually they don't have the special dust shield lip.  These are really no different than a heavy duty seal other than they do not have an indexing lip for installation.  We usually coat the outside of these seals with a little RTV and then press them in.


-Special Lip for dust sealing- Just Like OEM.

There are sizes    29 Spline   and 27 Spline


What makes Yukon Gear's Toyota Axles Unique? These carry the same technology that has been used in the strongest axles on the market for years. Not only are these axles made with superior 4340 Heat Treated Chromoly components and metallurgy, they offer rolled splines.  

What makes rolled splines better than cut splines?  Rolled Splines are actually pressing into the material, rather than cutting against the grain of the steel.  When an axle spline is cut, it takes away the grain of the material which essentially makes the spline weaker.

These axles also incorporate the CUT TO LENGTH ability that Yukon is synonymous for.  Measure your factory axle, use a chop saw and cut the axle, and then chamfer the end of the axle.  

-Small Brake Pilot Bore (91mm) fits all pre-IFS rear axles.

-Large Brake Pilot Bore (106mm) fits all 1986 IFS and later trucks.  If you are uncertain of the axle you have, simply measure the brake drum pilot bore.

Axles are sold individually.  That way, if you want to carry a spare you don't have to buy 2 pairs.

Please Note: Will not fit 2003+ 4Runner, T100 or Tundra Rear Axles.

FJ80 Knuckle Kit Hellfire Fabworks

by RuffStuff
Sold out

The HellFire Knuckles are a specially made high-pressure casting. They endure several hours of a highly difficult machine process.  The original designer Billy Weiss was determined to build everything better than factory.

He addressed the high steer issue by incorporating true high steer arms with 6 bolt retention and shimless adjustment. He reinforced the knuckle in just about every way. Then he took what we've learned from the mini truck knuckles over the ages--that the Toyota steering arm mounting bolts are too close together and undersized, causing the steering arm bolts to constantly require tightening and the studs to break.

To remedy this common issue, Billy created a 6 stud mounting with sufficient space between the studs to lessen the leverage which caused loosening and breakage. Billy took this project 90% there, then we did the fine tuning to make it what it is today. We took this one step further by using more common, less expensive, and stronger Dana 60 studs. The outer four studs are Dana 60 (Grade 10.9) and the inner two are 1/2" Allen head bolts (Grade 14). The tie rod and drag link holes are tapered for FJ80 tie rod ends (TRE) but can be reamed to accept GM 1 Ton TRE's or Heim Steering. Each arm comes double tapered for left-hand and right-hand drive applications. Another great feature he added was eliminating the use of shims and going to a set screw adjustment to set preload.

These only come with 25mm Trunnion Pins and bearings. Doing this vastly increases strength and load carrying capability. This is standard and not something we charge extra to upgrade. A new lower Trunnion cap is included and the bolt holes are counterbored to protect the bolt heads against any damage. We took a great product and made it even better.